ABC’s of Safe Sleep

Babies sleep safest Alone, on their Backs, in a Crib for nighttime, nap time and every time. 

Sleep-related infant death is the leading cause of infant mortality from one month to one year of age. Sleep-related infant death can result from unintentional suffocation/strangulation. The best way to prevent sleep-related deaths is for all parents and caregivers to provide a safe sleeping environment for infants.

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Infant Safe Sleep

  • It’s as simple as ABC. Babies should sleep Alone, on their Backs, and in a crib.
  • Babies should always sleep ALONE in their sleep area, with their sleep area being close to their caregiver’s bed.
  • A baby should sleep in a crib, bassinet or pack in play with only a fitted sheet. There should be no toys or soft bedding such as blankets, bumper pads or pillows in the baby’s sleep area.
  • Unsafe Sleep Statistics
  • Do not confuse safe sleep with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Sleep related deaths are almost entirely preventable; true SIDS deaths are not. With continued research we are learning that infant deaths that would have previously been identified as SIDS are now being determined as sleep related deaths.